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Making Money Online is easy but difficult is to find the Legit Ways of it. Are you looking for some Legit Ways to Make Money Online Free, If Yes? You are at right place. In this Article we will see about the Most Legit ways to Make Money Online with Proofs and Examples of people that are earning alot through Freelancing Platforms.There are many Freelance Jobs that are posted on hourly basis so Let’s know more about it.

The Best thing about Freelancing is that you can do it along with your Job, Studies etc as most of the People on Freelancing Platforms are doing. There are many Freelancing Websites from where people are earning alot of Money Online and I will show you the Examples in this Article only so let’s first understand What Freelancing is.


Freelancing is basically when you work on Task basis or say Project basis and you get Paid for it. Project can be a short one which can be done either in minutes or It can be done in days and after completion of it, you get your payment. In most of the Freelancing Platforms, You post your Gig/Advertisement and Customer or Client approaches you to buy your service and tell you the Requirements and you can ask Your dezired prices for that Task, moreover some of the Customers Post Job for a task based Freelancer then you contact him and If you get order you get Paid after the delivery of Projects.

The best thing of Freelancing is that It is for Skilled and Unskilled both type of people. You can consider Freelance as Work from Home. Well there are many Freelancing Websites which offers Jobs to Freelancers and we are going to discuss about some of those websites and Type of Jobs that they offer.

Freelancing on Fiverr

Freelancing on Fiverr? yes, you heard right. Fiverr is World’s most Popular Freelancing Platforms where Millions of Orders are placed on daily basis. The Minimum order value on Fiverr is $5. There are almost every Category of Work Available on Fiverr and you can Post your own Speciality gig as well. There are many Freelancing Websites all over the world and Fiverr is the most Popular among them. People are earning Thousands of dollars from this Freelancing Platform and I am going to show you the proofs as well. The Common Categories available are Graphic & Design, Digital Marketing, Writing & Translation, Video & Animation, Music & Audio, Programming & Tech, Business, Lifestyle, Trending.

Here is the Proof of earning of people of very basic Job that Unskilled person can also do. I searched “Data Entry” work as a Buyer and I found 356 Services of Data Entry Service Sellers. Let’s talk about the very first Seller, he has completed 270 orders till yet at a rate of $600 so Overall He has earned $1,62,000 (excluding Fiverr Commission) from 1 Data Entry Gig only and You can have 7 Free Different Gigs per Free Basic Seller Account.


Interesting? Now lets see various Fields in which Gigs/Selling Advertisements can be made. If you want to know Step by Step about this, Watch this Video

Freelance Jobs

There are immense number of Freelance Jobs available on Freelancing Platforms but In this article we are considering the most Popular Platform and Here are the categories and Jobs under those categories as listed below.

> Graphic & Design related Services on Fiverr

These are the list of various services in the category of Graphic & Design in which Services Can be sold to Make Money Online.

> Digital Marketing Services on Fiverr

Fiverr is famous for Digital Marketing Services and here is the list of related services to this field. If you have any query related to Digital Marketing you can ask on our MW Educator Forum as well.


> Content Writing & Translation Jobs on Fiverr

Here is the list of Writing and Translation Jobs that are available on Fiverr. If you are interested in Content Writing, you can make Money by various Writing Jobs or with Affiliate Marketing.


> Video and Animation Freelancing Jobs

If you want to work as a Freelancer in Video and Animation field, this category is for you. Let’s have a look on the services of this field.


> Music and Audio Jobs

If you know about Music and Audio Mixing then this Freelancing Job category is for you


> Programming and Tech Jobs

If you know Android app Development, Website Development or any Tech Skill then this Category is for you. Here are services that you can offer. This Field is very demanding so If you want to Make Money Online by Making WordPress Websites for Clients or Selling any WordPress Related Services then you can learn Complete WordPress from our Youtube Channel Playlist and If you want to Learn WordPress, you can use it for Free by Watching this Video. Don’t Forget to subscribe the Youtube Channel by Pressing Bell notification to all to not miss any update.


> Virtual Assistant and Business Freelancing Jobs

If you want to work as a Data Entry Expert, Virtual Assistant, Business Plan Maker, Market Researcher, Data Analytics etc then this category is for you. Here are some Freelancing Opportunities that are available for this category people.


> Lifestyle Category Freelancing Jobs

If you are into Health and Fitness, Gaming, Arts & Crafts, Cooking etc then you have many Freelancing Opportunities as listed below.

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