Virtual Private Server is your own server which you have full control on, unlike Shared Hosting. In this Article we are going to see How to Setup VPS and Secure VPS. If you have any other Query, you can ask Your Questions & Queries in MW Educator Forum. I have attached a Video tutorial also of these steps to make you understand clearly.

Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server also known as VPS is one of the important thing when you want to have your Business Online. If you want to make a Website or Web Application then you are going to need a Server and that is when VPS comes into play.

There are many VPS Providers like Contabo, Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, Siteground, A2Hosting etc. You get $100 Free Credit in Digital Ocean, Linode and Vultr if you want to try it. In Digital Ocean, these $100 Credits are valid for 2 months that means You can enjoy VPS for 2 monthts absolutely for Free.

Now let’s talk about How to Setup and Make it secure.

Virtual Private Server

Let’s talk about Setup VPS and that can be quite difficult for beginners but In this tutorial, I will show step by step and you will find it so easy when doing by your own.

When you start free trial of Digital Ocean / Linode / Vultr or purchase a Plan of Contabo you get an Email having your VPS IP Address, Username and Password. Now you need a SSH Client called Putty which helps you to enter inside your VPS and Set it up and customize. You can download it from here

Now, Install it in your PC and Run the Application and you will see it’s dashboard like this.

Putty Dashboard

Now Provide your IP address in “Host Name” then Any Name in “Saved Sessions” then Click on Save. Now, Click on your Saved Session that you just provided then >> Load and Finally Click on >> Open. Now, If you are opening it first time, it will ask Permission so Click on “Accept”

Steps Involved to Setup VPS

Step 1- Now you are in the dashboard of Putty. Provide your username as root. Deafault username that in most of the cases VPS Companies provide is “root” so provide username then press Enter then it will ask your Password so Copy your Password from the Email you received from the VPS Company after your Free trial/Purchase and Just Right Click at the place of Input Password Make Sure “Ctrl+V” key does’t let you paste your Password in Putty. Your Password will be invisible to you also so don’t worry, Just Copy and Right Click at the Place of Input Password and then Press Enter and you will be inside your VPS.

Putty Dashboard to Log-in the Server

Step 2 – Run this Command. This will update your Server Environment

apt-get update

Step 3 – Now add a user to your Server in order to replace default user “root” so Run the command by replacing your dezired username in place of “anyusername”.

adduser anyusername

Step 4 – After Running above command provide a strong Password then hit “Enter” till you are asked “Is the Given Info Correct” then type “Y” and again hit “Enter”

Step 5 – Now to make this user the Admin of Server run the given command but don’t forget to replace the username by your given username

usermod -aG sudo username

Now Provide your password that you just created and hit “Enter”

Here is the step by step live Video tutorial for your ease.

Secure VPS

Now final part to Secure VPS in order to make our Online Business safe, What we are going to do is removing the default Root Access from the Server. To Remove the root access, Just “Log In” into the putty with New Username and Password and follow the steps.

Step 1- Update the Environment by running the given command

sudo apt-get update

Step 2- Run the given command, This will remove the default root access.

sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Now scroll down with down arrow keys and search for Permit Root Login so now You have to delete “Yes” in front of Permit Root Login with the help of Backspace and Write “no” then press “Ctrl+X” then “Y” then Hit Enter and Congratulations, You are done.

If you have set up the VPS then for Next Steps > Read it from here

In Conclusion, Securing VPS is very important because you need only username and Password to enter into the VPS and when someone already knows you your username it would be so so easy for the bad people to take over your website so this is how, you an easily setup the VPS Server and Make it secure from all type of Potential Threats. : Free SEO, Blogging, Digital Marketing & Educational Tools

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